Small businesses deserve the same high quality, enterprise-level IT support just like big businesses. We understand that most small businesses don’t have the manpower and operational resources to manage the ongoing technology needs of a constantly changing, ever-complex tech landscape. That’s why Techfix created Techfix Assure. Techfix Assure offers curated, managed IT solutions to fit your business needs. This program goes far beyond small business computer support and provides the equivalent of your own internal IT department.

With Techfix Assure, small businesses get computer support plus enterprise-level IT services backed by experienced IT professionals. This all-inclusive solution is scaled and priced for the needs of small businesses. Here’s just a sample of what you can expect within a bundle:

The Benefits of Techfix Assure

Techfix Assure is like having your own personal IT department that works seamlessly, making data flow fast and accurately, while protecting your business from IT outages and cyber risks.

With Techfix Assure, you will have one point of contact and management from Techfix, eliminating the hassles of a pieced together solution that relies on several vendors. We understand that it’s not very efficient to have services from multiple vendors, only to be faced with the headache of tracking expiration dates and remembering to make important tech updates. With NerdAssure, you get a centralized solution in one enterprise-level bundle that is affordably priced at a monthly flat rate.